Thursday, September 19, 2013

A New Blog For My Scrapbooking

Well, I can't wait to start add all my scrapbooking finished projects.  I have been collecting scrapbook stuff forever.  I have an amazing collection that I never used.  I have a scrapbook room that is finally functional and have been working in it.  Here are a few pictures of my room.  I need to get something hung up, but I seem to always be working on something else.  I know just what I want.   It looks amazing in my head. 

I was one of the lucky Cricut users.  I got Make The Cut before the law suit.  I love Make The Cut.  It is my favorite thing.  I am all over the place when it comes to svg cutting files.  There are so many amazing companies.  I just use what I want.  In the last few weeks I have entered a few contests.  I am having a lot of fun with them.  I will post what I do here. 


  1. I love your projects. I saw on here you have a Cricut. I also have the Expression, I got it a few years ago on Black Friday. I absolutely love it. I have just recently discovered the svg files. I asked Cricut about them last week on Facebook and they never replied and actually deleted the question from the Facebook page. I just wanted to know if you can cut them with a Cricut or not? Not sure why they wouldn't answer me, but maybe you know since you mentioned it on here.

  2. I use a program called Make The Cut. A few years ago Cricut sued Make The Cut. They made a deal and if you don't have the program it won't work. You could look in to Sure Cuts A Lot. It is another program that might work. I couldn't use the Cricut without the Make The Cut.

  3. Thanks, both of them say they are no longer compatible with Cricut. I guess Cricut doesn't want people to be able to use SVG files. I'll have to send them an e-mail and see if I can get a response from them if there is or will be in the future any way to use SVG files. It's a shame they are being so funny about it I really love my Cricut. Thank you again for your information.